TopoDroid: Android app for the Paperless Cave Surveying


TopoDroid is an Open Source Android app for cave surveying. In particular with the DistoX, SAP5, BRIC4, and DistoXBLE.
Started in 2012.
On Google Play from April 2014 till May 2021 (last v. 5.1.40).
The current version, 6.1.X, is distributed only on this website.

Main features:

  • Bluetooth communication with DistoX, DistoX2, BRIC4, SAP5, DistoXBLE
  • Survey shots data management
  • Sketch drawing, with freehand lines, and caving symbols
  • Cave projects
  • 3D display of surveys and cave projects
  • DistoX, DistoX2, and DistoXBLE calibration

    TopoDroid User Manual
    TopoDroid v. 4.1.4 German User Manual - M. Miehle
    TopoDroid Loop closure-error compensation

    Apk download